St. Peregrine Shrine

National Shrine of St. Peregrine

The Catholic Church recognizes St. Peregrine as the patron saint of cancer patients as well as those afflicted with HIV and other life-threatening illnesses.

A patron saint is chosen as a "special protector" or guardian over certain groups of people, specific areas of life, or even geographic area. When an individual emulates a saint's lives, following the example of the iconic figure he or she can help us not only in our daily lives, but with our deepest spiritual and physical struggles.

Various churches worldwide are named for this saint, who is said to have been healed of cancer himself, after having a vision of Christ the night before the scheduled amputation of his foot in the 1300s.

The Shrine of St. Peregrine (Laziosi) Portland, OR

The Grotto in Portland, Oregon offers a monthly mass the first Saturday of each month at noon in the Chapel of Mary. At this mass the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick is made available to those individuals who are have chronic or life-threatening illnesses or for those who are elderly and frail.

You can have your loved ones remembered at this mass by sending the name and address to: St. Peregrine Shrine at The Grotto, P.O.Box 20008, Portland, OR 97294-0008.

All intentions will be honored in the order they are received. If needed, some may be forwarded to other locations.

If you're praying to St. Peregrine for yourself or a loved one, consider wearing a medal of him as reminder of his struggles with cancer and his eventual miraculous healing. A medal of this saint would be a wonderful present for any individual with a chronic as well. But you can also enhance your prayers by using the power of numbers as well.

The Servite Center Mission

The Servite Center Mission (this is the same order to which St. Peregrine belonged) administers what's called a St. Peregrine Ministry. It is in fact, part of a national ministry the order established to honor the patron saint of cancer and HIV patients.

This service offers a variety of programs, related to the areas of spirituality, and healing.

Spiritually, the programs across the country offer retreats, monthly Taize prayers and a special prayer for peace, as well as presentations on the topics of prayer, scripture, theology, world religions and spirituality in your daily life and even a bookstore specializing in topics of spiritual developments. Of course, the programs will vary by location. If you're interested in this, you should search out the center nearest you.

Programs directly related to the healing process that can be found at various locations as well, include the St. Peregrine Prayer Program for those who "suffer from cancer and other life-threatening illnesses." The center also has a healing garden where individuals can go for moments of peace and for reflection.

In addition to that, other healing programs may found at some of theses centers as well. They may include massage, healing touch, reiki and Tai Chi. You can also attend presentations on wellness and care giving at the center.

The Catholic Church recognizes the powerful inspiration St. Peregrine Laziosi provides for those individuals with chronic illnesses, especially those with cancer. His faithfulness to God is testament not only to the depth of his personal faith, but is the ideal we should strive for in our spiritual journey.

By visiting the churches and shrines named for St. Peregrine Laziosi as well as participating in the healing programs if possible, we do more to honor his name and promote faith and healing than one could imagine.

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