St. Peregrine Patron

St Peregrine Patron Saint

Patron Saint of Cancer Patients:
St. Peregrine Laziosi

St. Peregrine is the patron saint of cancer patients, those who have HIV as well as others who are afflicted with a variety of chronic and life-threatening illnesses. St. Peregrine is also specifically associated as the patron saint of those with breast cancer, open sores as well as any skin disease.

A patron saint is iconic figure in the Catholic Church which acts as a protector for a group of individuals or even for a geographic location. In the instance of St. Peregrine Laziosi, his personal encounter with cancer and open sores makes him the perfect patron saint of cancer patients

Born in Forli, Italy in 1265, to a wealthy family, he was active in politics as a young man as an anti-papist. This is a member of the anti-Catholic political party. When the pope sent Philip - who was destined to become a saint himself - to the city to quell political problems, the impulsive Peregrine hit him on the cheek.

Philip, though, didn't react as Peregrine had expected. For all the pope's envoy did was to literally turn the other cheek, offering that one to be hit as well.

This made the young man think seriously about the type of spirituality and faith that allowed a man to do that. Soon Peregrine was changing his habits. He set about doing good works. When Peregrine saw a vision of the Virgin Mary, he knew he needed to join the Servites, the religious order who dedicated their actions to the Virgin Mother.

Upon completion of his training, the priest who came to hear his vows to become a friar was Philip. Yes, the same priest who the young Peregrine had struck that initiated his spiritual journal. So overcome with remorse, Peregrine performed self-imposed penance.

He decided that whenever possible - and there was a choice - he would stand instead of sit. So for the next 30 years, Peregrine spent far more of his time standing than sitting. Consequently, he not only eventually developed varicose veins, but open sores on one of his legs.

The doctors of the time told him it was cancer. His foot was scheduled for amputation. On the eve of the operation, Peregrine visited a large statue of the crucifix - the figure of Christ hanging on the cross - and prayed . . . and prayed. As he fell into a trance-like state, Peregrine saw Christ, who touched his affected foot.

When Peregrine came out of the trance he realized that Christ had healed his foot and the amputation was not necessary.

St. Peregrine Laziosi makes the perfect patron saint of cancer patients - and in fact, for any individual with a chronic or life-threatening illness. His steadfast devotion to Christ, not only before his illness, but all during that time, is a vivid example of a life we should all try to emulate.

The true lesson in St. Peregrine's life is not really about the miracle of healing, as stunning as that story is. But rather it is about the daily miracle of lilving faithfully to God and Christ, placing your entire faith and life in God's hands, in the face of such a struggle.

Praying to St. Peregrine, the patron saint of cancer patients, is not only an ideal way to honor him, but is a perfect display of your continuing faith in Christ.

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