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About St. Peregrine Laziosi: A Short Biography

It's amazing the paths by which some people have found spirituality and meaning in life. It's even more miraculous to think that from an accidental - even violent encounter - a saint could emerge. But that's just what happened in the case of the Catholic saint, Peregrine Laziosi.

Peregrine Laziosi, born in 1260 into a wealthy Italian family, discovered the power of Christianity quite accidentally. As a member of an anti-papal political group, he participated in an uprising in which Philip Benizi had been sent by the Pope to mediate.

Frustrated and angry, He struck Philip in the face during part of the negotiations. But the response from this emissary of the Pope - who himself would become one of the saints of the church - shocked the emotional Laziosi.

What did Philip do? The only Christian act he could do; he offered him the other cheek to strike as well.

Peregrine, recognizing the spiritual power behind a man to command him to take this action, immediately not only apologized for his behavior, but converted to Catholicism.

It's said that following his conversion, he saw a vision of the Virgin Mary, who instructed him to join the Servites, the religious order that considered itself a servant of Mary.

But the spiritual power of coincidence continued strong in St. Peregrine's life. The priest who accepted his entrance into the monastery was none other than Philip -- the same individual he had struck that prompted his conversion.

Legend contends that again overwhelmed with the power he stood for 30 years in penance for his actions against Philip. During this time he attempted to remain silent as well as retain as much time alone as possible.

Later, though, the order instructed him to return to his hometown of Forli, Italy, to found a new house for the order. Here, thanks to his hard work and his dedication, he gained the enviable reputation as being the ideal priest. He preached ardently and was known as an excellent confessor.

Cancer eventually struck him in the foot. He prepared himself for an amputation of the affected limb by praying intensely at the foot of a crucifix. He finally fell into a trance-like state in which he had a vision of Jesus Christ touching his foot. Miraculously, he woke the next morning with his foot completely healed.

He died at the age of 80 and was canonized in 1726, some 400 years after his birth.
St. Peregrine became the patron saint of those suffering with cancer.

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